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Ghanaian Pentecostal Political Leverage and Prophetic Politics
Fredrick Acheampong

Last modified: 2015-08-12


Prophetic politics is a key aspect of Pentecostal political engagement in Ghana. Since the burgeoning of Ghanaian Pentecostalism in the 1990s,prophetic declarationsby Pentecostal ministrieshave also gained political prominence.‘Divine predictions’ of future events are usually made in favour of the two largest political parties in Ghana (the National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party). Focusing onGhana’s Fourth Republic (1992-2012), the introductory part of this paper accounts for Pentecostal leverage within the Ghanaian public sphere. The paper then examines some political prophecies and prophetic declarations by certain Pentecostal leaders. In particular, it focuses on prophecies relating to electoral outcomes.The paper argues that prophetic politics is a form of religious politicking that aims to promote the electoral prospects of favoured candidates. In this context, prophetic politics appeals to the spirituality of the electorate, drawing on the popularity of Pentecostal Christianity that has captured the ideological imagination of the Ghanaian public sphere. The public influence of Pentecostalism is thus deployed as part of the toolkit of political suasion.


Religious Politicking; Prophetic Declaration; Public Sphere; Pentecostal Leverage