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Is that What You Believe? Examining Some Religious Beliefs and Practices of Students in Catholic Schools
richard rymarz

Last modified: 2015-10-14


Discussion of religion and young people can be homogenized with a tendency to report from homogenized samples. In response, examining cultural sub groups can lead to a more  focussed discourse. One such group are students who attend Catholic schools.  Approximately one in five young Australians are in this category.  As such they represent an important sample. What can an investigation of this group tell us about the interface between religion and young people?  This paper reports on an ongoing study of students in Sydney schools.  It provides valuable information on Australian young people and how they see themselves, their involvement in Church and their religious expression.  Results that emerge from the study show nuanced responses that invite sophisticated analysis of young people and religion. One clear trend to emerge is the changing perception of students as they progress through the school system.  This finding is in accord with a view that desribes religious engagement of young people reaching a plateau at a relatively early age.  Some of the implications of this study for the broader discourse on religion and young people will be raised.


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