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Miraculous Modernity: The True Jesus Church and the Communist Party-State in the 21st Century
Melissa Wei-Tsing Inouye

Last modified: 2015-10-06


This paper explores the role of miraculous discourse within the contemporary True Jesus Church in China with a particular focus on how Chinese society is present within this discursive space as both the best and the worst of all possible worlds. Miraculous discourse within the True Jesus Church is not confined to an otherworldly sphere of personal salvation, but engages directly with this-worldly affairs. The True Jesus Church’s exclusivist claims, native history, and habituation to a fecund religious environment unfold within the context of a China overseen by an atheist party-state in an age of widening economic disparity, globalization, and rising nationalism. The permeability of the miraculous and the mundane within the church’s Chinese history and Biblical teachings draws church leaders into simultaneously critiquing and affirming Chinese society (and by implication, the stewardship of the party-state).


China, Christianity, state, party-state, charismata, pentecostal, charismatic